Wednesday, June 1, 2011

A Brick Pathway

The way our house is situated on the sloping front yard, there is a slight drainage ditch just before the brick steps that lead to the front porch. Since we park our cars on the circular gravel drive leading to the house from the road, the sunken ditch stands between our cars and our front steps, making it awfully muddy and not very pleasant to cross when its been raining outside. To my delight and surprise, over Easter weekend,  my husband and his parents who were visiting  decided to build a brick path with pavers and stones found scattered all over our property. 

With a lot of digging and hard work, we have a new curved brick pathway leading to our gravel drive with the only purchases required being some pebbles and sand. We eventually hope to transplant more of our perennials to line the edges of the pathway.

To finish off the pathway, we added some stones that were found around our property. The final touches were some perennials and mother-of-thyme planted on either side for some visual appeal and practical use in the kitchen!

And there you have it, a new walkway welcoming folks to our home without having to step through the mud!