Thursday, June 16, 2011

My, how they've grown!

My sweet little chicks are quickly turning into adolescents! In April one of our hens, Rosemary, hatched out seven chicks. One of the chicks hatched a week later than the others and she rejected it, so inside it went soon to be joined by a Partridge Rock chick. The Partridge Rock was supposed to be a pullet, but we are afraid it might be a roo. You can read about this chick's story here. We primarily raise Dominiques, the oldest American breed and an endangered one at that, but now that we have a Partridge Rock, I am toying with the idea of bringing more of their breed into the flock.

They are nearly ten weeks old. It's amazing how fast they change...

exploring the great outdoors

taking a dust bath together
checking out the lavender

"Little Bit" and the Partridge Rock chick

this Partridge Rock, whether it turns out to be male or female, is the sweetest
chick ever....lets me hold and pet and doesn't fuss much- and it has the sweetest little cheep noises too :)
noooooooo the chicks aren't friendly at all....not at all...
ok, just kidding...the females actually love
to fly up on our shoulders to roost

Soon we will be giving away three of the chicks to some friends and getting rid of two of the males. We have yet to name the ones that remain. To continue with the herb/spice name theme, I'm considering the names Basil, Tansy, Coriander or "Cori" for short, and Peppermint or "Pepper" for short. What do you think?