Sunday, June 12, 2011

Day Trip of the Month: Sequoia National Park, CA

Greetings from the Sequoia National Forest! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted on any “day trips,” so I thought I’d slip one in for you from the giant Sequoia trees in the mountains of California (although it’s more like a “week” trip than a “day trip for sure!). 

My husband and I are here with our family for his sister’s wedding, and it couldn’t be a more beautiful backdrop for a wedding ceremony. Since our arrival we’ve enjoyed hiking, family meals, sightseeing, fishing, and catching up with loved ones we haven’t seen in a while!

hiking to Tokopah Falls

Wuksachi Lodge
one of the many breathtaking views on our hike
to Tokopah Falls

The giant Sequoia trees were one of my favorite things about the park.  I also loved the lime green moss that grows on the trunks of the spire top Sequoias. We even spotted a bear in one of the meadows!

The General Sherman Tree, the world's largest tree by volume and
one of the "monarchs" in the Giant Forest

That's me on the far left of the tree trunk- just for scale to demonstrate
how enormous the trees are! 

We couldn't have had more breathtaking views and a more perfect setting for the wedding day! 

We will be traveling home tomorrow back to our little homestead, grateful for our chicken sitter who watched our flock while we were away (can you guess that I've missed my chickies?).  Until then, have a wonderful week and enjoy the great outdoors!