Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Gardening Part 2: prepping and planting seeds

Our heirloom seeds have arrived!  Time to get our hands dirty and get planting!  Thankfully, I have the hubby to help me because I seem to have a brown thumb when it comes to these things...

Actually, we've had the seeds for two or three weeks now but we've only planted two or three of the packets. The rest of the vegetables require that we wait until mid-April to sow the seeds into the soil.  In the meantime, we have been evaluating and prepping our beds. We are also adding compost to the soil for extra nutrients.
Arugula we harvested recently that was revived from last year

Our largest raised bed (the size of which I grossly overestimated in the sketch from my first post of this series), still has arugula, carrots, a few garlic bulbs, and one lettuce plant growing in it from last year. I assumed these were long dead, but it seems they resurrected themselves as soon as the temperatures warmed up. Weird...

We decided to put in an additional bed for the greens and the veggies that like to climb (such as pole beans) directly behind the back patio. This way, the climbers can use the wooden supports of the railing. Mr. Rue has already christened this vegetable bed when he hopped over the wire one day and happily began foraging for bugs. He was scolded and chased out.

We have potted several herbs already, and plan to pot a few more. We might even consider growing some peppers in pots this year.

How is your spring gardening progressing?