Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We Have Baby Chicks!

OUR BABY CHICKS ARE HERE!!!!  My broody, Rosemary, has hatched out SIX little fuzzy babies so far and is still sitting on several more eggs.  I'm so proud of her! We had to move Rosemary and her clutch tonight to a dog crate with a mini-run that is attached onto the front of the main chicken run/coop combination.  We have her crate covered by a tarp. Considering we took her out of the comfort of the coop and the stress of the move, mama and biddies seem to be doing well.  More pics to come! 
Rosemary with one of her biddies peeking out

Rosemary is a very attentive mama, calling her chicks over to show them food

I love it when they poke their heads out of her feathers like this little guy

While I sit mesmerized by the miracle of life before me, realizing how much Rosemary has sacrificed her own health and well-being (broodies will sometimes sit to the point of near death) these past three weeks....

I can't help but make the analogy of Christ's sacrifice us. Just as a mother hen will give every ounce of her strength to her baby chicks,  Christ died on the cross to take away our sins and offer us new life.  Just as mama covers and gathers the babies under her wings, Christ draws his children near to Him and gives us protection with his loving arms. Thank you, Lord! 

What a blessing I have been given....