Friday, November 4, 2011

A Thanksgiving Table

Hello, friends!  So who is ready for Thanksgiving, yet? I am LOVING fall and Thanksgiving has become one of my favorite Holidays as I've grown older.  In addition to the meaning of the Holiday and the reminder of all we have to be grateful for, I enjoy the ceremony of planning and preparing the delicious fall dishes that make up the Thanksgiving feast.

Of course, one of my favorite parts is setting the Thanksgiving table. Although my table here is not set for Thanksgiving dinner since we spend the Holiday in Kentucky with our parents, I have set a fall table that could also be appropriate for Thanksgiving or just an autumn brunch.

I can't resist using my Johnson Bros. Dover Brown transferware for an autumn or Thanksgiving table. For the centerpiece, I stacked old books for height filled my transferware coffeepot with leaves and clippings from around my yard. Clear pedestal vases filled with nuts and Pottery Barn birch candles flank the centerpiece. 

I like change and variety, so next year I'm sure I will create a different look. How do you like to set your Thanksgiving table? Traditional or modern? Rustic or bright and cheerful? 

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