Monday, November 14, 2011

The Dining Room

I'm joining Cottage and Vine's Room by Room party today on dining rooms. I know you have probably seen enough of my dining room with the various tablescapes I've posted and such so bear with me. So where to start?  I like my dining room.....I like that it is a separate room and not just an open "space" devoted to dining. However, there are definitely things I would change if we weren't renting and I had free reign. Like for instance, I'd paint the wainscoting white and I'd change out the chandelier.

Eventually I would love to invest in a large, very long dining table that is able to seat at least ten people, preferably more for large family gatherings. But for now, our table seats eight which isn't too bad. I envision a couple of elegant wingback chairs at each end of the table.

Another thing I like about our dining room is that it has a fireplace. A little unusual for dining rooms, but not for dining rooms in historic homes.  It's fun to have a nice cozy fire when entertaining friends for dinner :)

Below is our china cabinet that houses my brown transferware collection. You can read more about my china cabinet find here

What are your thoughts on what makes a great dining room? Casual or formal?  Have a wonderful week! 

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