Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sharing the sweetness of Valentine's Day

Looking to share the love this Valentine's Day?

Bake a yummy treat for your and your special someone:

Or, if you enjoy baking sweets in celebration of Valentine's Day but are watching your calorie or sugar intake, consider giving your cake or batch of cookies away to an elderly friend, neighbor or nearest soup kitchen.

To get the Martha Stewart recipe for these decadent but cute molten mocha cakes, visit here.  My hubby and I enjoyed these delicious treats as a pre-Valentine's gift.

Think traditional valentines are only for kids? Think again. Adults enjoy receiving them too! Send a special love note to friends or family members that might be especially lonely this year.

Creating these handmade cards is a fun way to pass an afternoon with friends and they are a special delight to the lucky recipient.

Have fun creating to your heart's content this Valentine's Day- and don't forget to tell someone how much you love them :)