Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Day Trip of the Month: Star, NC

I love discovering small, historic towns that you would literally miss if you blinked when driving through. Many of them seem like ghost towns, but I believe they hold great potential for charming, safe, and special places that almost always have such an interesting history. Places where the pace of life is slower and the neighbor's front porch is welcoming. This is exactly my impression with Star, located at the geographic center of North Carolina.

Star is a classic railroad town later fueled by the textile industry so prevalent in this region of North Carolina. Though rural, the town has charm--I fell in love with it when I first saw this dilapidated Victorian Gothic cottage:

A-MAZ-ING..... and I am sure it was even more breathtaking in its former glory. What a gem! 

The facade features a turret and most likely had a porch at one time.

Even though only about 800 people live in Star, every single person we encountered either on the streets or in the shops befriended us.

Star shows evidence of blossoming again as natives are moving back and a small business incubator and glass-blowing organization called "Starworks" is bringing new life into the community. Additionally the town's plans for downtown revitalization are currently underway.

So much potential! I love the corner entrance...

I hope to return to Star for its annual "Heritage Day" in June.  Have you been on any day trips lately? Perhaps you discovered a charming town you never knew about before or fell in love with an architectural beauty in need of some TLC?