Saturday, March 2, 2013

First Spring Blooms

Here at the roost, our first blooms of the early spring were unexpected: Hellebores!

Even before the daffodils, the Hellebores popped up with their beautiful downward turned purple and white blooms. Sometimes these plants are called Lenten roses and they grow well in shade. A hallmark plant of a southern garden, the hellebore is one of my favorites. When I used to work at a historic site in Hillsborough (, the site's impressive garden had an heirloom variety that was a beautiful apple green color. Our Hellebores are a pretty purple variety and a white variety with purple accents.

the Hellebore plants in our yard- they come up in clusters and have multiplied every year

In order to see the wonderful blossoms, you almost have to use your hand to turn the petals upward.

The blooms fit perfectly in one of my vintage cobalt blue medicine bottles from my collection that one of our relatives found along the Haw River.

Such lovely flowers that foreshadow the spring that is to come!

Happy early Spring,