Thursday, August 30, 2012

Abandoned Farmhouse Love (Part II)

A long while ago, I posted about a sweet abandoned farmhouse just down the road from where we live. To read about it, click here. We like to take long walks and sometimes we will pass by it and dream.

I thought today I'd share with you a few more dilapidated farmhouses to love............

possibly the overseer's house at Sandy Point in Chowan County, NC. ca. mid-19th century
side elevation of the above property

This unique late eighteenth century house which looks to be constructed in two parts perhaps at different times: half gable and half gambrel roof --is located in Pasquotank County, NC. This is a RARE find to see early historic houses like this one in North Carolina. It is remarkably intact with its wood shingle roof, weatherboards and massive exterior end chimneys. The porch looks to be a later addition but is in and of itself an impressive feature.

And, of course, there's still the adorable farmhouse right here in my neck of the woods:

 I have a sad update about my sweet farmhouse down the road from where we live. I was driving by the other day and noticed after some recent storms that a TREE HAD FALLEN ON IT and the roof appears to be falling in! Something must be done soon or else the entire structure will begin to waste away and slowly crumble due to exposure and water damage. Its obvious the owners are just waiting for the property to fall down :(  But I can't help but hear it crying out, "Save me!"

So now I want to hear from you, readers! Have any old farmhouses caught your eye lately or tugged at your heartstrings?