Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Special Heirloom Quilt

My husband's grandmother, Mary Grace, passed away last fall. She was an amazing Christian woman. Full of strength, wisdom and of course, love.

One of the things we received of hers was a quilt made by her mother-in-law, Effie Melinda (my husband's paternal great-grandmother). It is a beautiful and colorful quilt....and I love it. It was most likely quilted in the 1930s.

I especially am fond of the "pinwheel" pattern and the navy. I have it in my guest room currently but am thinking about hanging it up on the wall as a colorful piece of art. What do you think? Too much for one wall or do you prefer to see them folded or draped over something?

I am finding that I am really drawn to antique quilts, and I see a collection starting in my future :)  I have two machine made quilts that are new, but this hand-stitched antique quilt is so beautiful and I feel the need to collect and preserve a few more!

A sneak peak of our guest room.....more photos to come once I have it "finished!" 

I love having the house peppered with family heirlooms in each room...pieces that retain so much value and meaning. It's like having a little part of Mary Grace with us still :)

Do you have a favorite quilt or other family heirloom?