Sunday, April 29, 2012

Baby Chicks are Here!

The babies are here!!!!!  We have five adorable, warm, fuzzy, bundles of joy.......

Our mama hen, Rosemary, decided she was NOT going to go broody this year despite all of our efforts so we finally gave in and purchased some Dominique chicks from a farm just down the road from us. We hope all of them turn out to be pullets :)

Baby chicks always seem to bring new life and excitement to our homestead, a sure sign of spring and good things to come. 

The babies are growing so fast and have been exploring their new brooder. Just recently they have been attempting to fly up on their feeder! I love picking them up and snuggling with one of them under my chin. 

This chick learned how to fly on top of its feeder.
 Before long they will outgrow their brooder box!

In about four more weeks they should be all ready to go outside into their brooder coop. I will post pics of the new coop once it is ready!

For now, I have some baby chicks to play with!