Monday, October 10, 2011

News from the Chicken Pen

The chickens are growing up like weeds.  Well, all of them except Rosemary, I guess.  She has actually lost weight and her legs have turned pale. I've been told that the pale legs are nothing to worry about, that it means she's a good layer.  It must be true because last week she laid a MONSTER egg that looked like this:

Pictured below is Rosemary's whopper egg next to her regular sized eggs. Poor thing must have needed an ice pack after laying that one!  Or better yet, she probably needed a c-section!

the monster egg turned out to be a double-yoker

Below are some fun pics that give you a sense of how much they are growing up. Tansy (the one and only pullet we kept) is nearly full grown and her brothers are in that awkward-but-getting-handsomer adolescent stage.  Believe it or not, the boys will actually grow quite a bit larger.  Standard Dominique roosters seem HUGE compared to the Dom hens.

This is Tansy, one of our pullets we kept out of Rosemary's hatch from April. She is now bigger than her mama!

The BFF's: Coriander and Clove. They are always together- such beautiful boys. Clove
especially loves to cuddle with his mommy-ha!

Rosemary is always up in our face- the first one to be in line for treats. The others dare not cross her. 

foraging for bugs

the chickens curiously creep up the steps to the back door in search of goodies to eat

"Reggie" is growing more handsome every day and is exhibiting behavior much like his father, "Mr. Rue."  Reggie finds food for the ladies, calls them over and proudly shows them his skills in foraging by presenting the girls with a tasty bug or worm.  Reggie is also a good protector and he has been doing his little "dominance dance" to the other
roosters, lest they forget who the alpha roo is. 

I hope to introduce some new hens to our flock very soon- preferably some lovely Dominique ladies and perhaps a few Partridge Rocks for Clove (he needs some friends).  Stay tuned!

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