Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ready for Homesteading!

For Christmas we were lucky to receive several homesteading-related items to assist me in my quest to live more self-sufficiently and make our diet more wholesome. It didn't hit me until after we returned home and were unpacking how many gifts were along the lines of this theme!

Here are some of our spoils:

A Berkey Water Filter, which can purify any type of water to render it drinkable, in case something happens and we no longer have access to ours (our water runs on electricity and is from our well). In the event of an emergency, we could gather water out of a nearby stream or the pond across the street, or rainwater, and the filter would make it drinkable.

A food dehydrator, which will come in handy during canning season for tomatoes, beans, and many other veggies. Dried vegetables will work nicely in soups and stews for winter.

A food saver, which is great for keeping meats and just about anything else fresh in the freezer for long periods of time.

Homesteading-related books and cookbooks  :)

Bogs!! I love these--awesome for gardening and very comfortable for tromping around our homestead--and stylish too :)

Canning supplies (we already having a pressure canner, but can always use new lids and supplies!)

Cinnamon-infused local honey, yum!

the pastry board has a lip on each end so it fits over the top of your counter and can be flipped over for a smooth top

A pastry board for baking fresh bread, pies and other baked goods, and....

Two cast-iron enamel cooking pans (or dutch ovens). We have already been using these and they are awesome :)

I do believe I'm ready for full-force homesteading, don't you?