Thursday, January 5, 2012

Goodbye Clove...

Sweet little Clove.....

...hardly ever uttering a peep, timidly accepting his position at the bottom of the pecking order....

....has turned into a dominant, hen-harrassing, full-blown ROOSTER!

But boy is he beautiful.......and his crow literally makes me laugh out loud EVERY time I hear it because it is so high-pitched and feminine sounding.

I love Clove, I really do....but we have one too many roosters on our hands and somebody has to go. Rosemary has been suffering under a lot of stress from being chased and bullied by so many roosters. With Clove being my only non-Dominique breed and the trouble-maker of the group, he was the natural choice. Thankfully, a friend has agreed to take him and incorporate him into her existing small flock of three hens (get ready, girls!)

Clove was rarely seen without his BFF, Coriander, by his side. He would even cry with shrill peeps when we took Cori somewhere else until they were reunited. Recently, Clove has been mean to Cori as he assumes the dominant position in the flock. Poor Cori is terrified and we fear he is not always getting enough food. 

 I think Clove will love his new home, especially now that he will have three ladies all to himself to care for and get into trouble with. I just hope and pray he behaves himself!! I'm hopeful that I'll receive regular updates on his progress and even get to visit him with his new flock.

But for now, it's a bittersweet feeling. Sad to see him go, but at peace knowing that he will be well taken care of and much happier with his new family. Have you ever had to re-home a beloved chicken?

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