Thursday, July 28, 2011

What Would You Do? - Dining Table & Hutch

Last week we found a new dining room table, two benches and hutch for a steal off Craigslist.  Both pieces together with the two benches were only $300. Pretty good for solid, sturdy pieces, huh? We were in need of more seating for family gatherings and the hutch happened to come with the table. Who can resist more space for storage and display in your kitchen?

I plan to re-design the display and storage in the hutch; what you see here was placed
temporarily for fun and to see what various colors look like with it. So many options to
choose from: whiteware,  vintage brown transferware, jadite, or a combination?

The dining table can easily seat eight, despite the photo giving the illusion of it being smaller.

I love the lines of each piece, but I am unsure if I want to keep the wood finish as it is or paint/stain/refinish. I think I like a more natural color for the dining table....maybe sanding down and refinishing this would be the way to go? Or stain it a dark walnut color? As for the hutch, I am toying with the idea of painting it a light and creamy color with some distressing, but I don't want to be disappointed with the results (it is a rather pretty piece as it is now). Perhaps I could just paint the the backs of the inside cubbies for some contrast?

What would you do? I need some help, please!

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