Saturday, November 6, 2010

Day Trip of the Month: Southern Pines, NC

Today we visited the town of Southern Pines: a small, charming town established with the coming of the railroad and boosted by the timber and turpentine industries. Developed primarily during the late 19th through the 20th century, Southern Pines quickly became a resort town known for its healthy pine-filled air and warm climate for northerners. Its proximity to luxurious golf resorts like Pinehurst and Weymouth and its active equestrian community made it a prime location for tourists and natives alike seeking recreational activities.

The downtown area of Southern Pines is remarkably intact and I give it a thumbs-up for preserving so much of its original streetscape.  The surrounding historic district with its quaint cottages, late Victorians, and mid-century homes is equally charming and retains a high degree of integrity.  Architecturally, Southern Pines is a 20th century small-town gem in the Sandhills region of North Carolina. 

I LOVE these cool reflector light fixtures with the large bulbs and cage guards (I even spotted some in the form of streetlights): 

However, I must say that in the area of antiquing, Southern Pines left much to be desired. I was pretty disappointed.  I guess I just didn't realize how few real antique stores there were in relation to the vast amount of retail shopping located downtown.  Additionally, even though one afternoon is probably not enough time for me to develop an accurate impression, I left without a strong desire to visit again.  Perhaps I am focusing too much on the negative, I really wanted to fall in love this community, but it didn't happen for me. 

Even still, it was a fun day getting away from home for a bit and seeing a new part of NC!